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Modalidades de Enseñanza

On-line classes.
We offer two methods of teaching: modalidades_enseñanza

Face to Face



Classes will be taught in our two Academia Cientifica schools, located in 4 Ancha Street, and in 54, Calatrava Street.

We also offer the latest and most innovative technologies adapted to teaching in order to make learning easier. The students will not need to copy the explanations, because the school has whiteboards which capture and save notes written.They will see the exact presentation that occurred in the classroom with the teacher´s audio input and student will be able to download from Academia Cientifica´s web.

The innovative system makes classes much more advantageous because the student never wastes his/her time and he/she only pays attention to the teacher´s explanation.




The students will be connected on-line with his/her computer, anywhere in the world (If you have internet connection and headphones) through our web:

There will be a password provided by the school, the student will access to the class he/she considers.

Moreover, Academia Cientifica will provide students with other services through our web, such as:

  • You can download notes and exercises

  • Explanatory videos of the different topics, something very useful, when the students are studying for an exam, as they do not need the notes, because they have the teacher´s explanation on the web and they can watch and listen to it as many times as they need.

  • Solution of exercises.

And moreover...

Scientific Academy giving correct exercises all steps possible clarifications and final solution for you to understand and fully understand the problem and how to get to the solution.

¡Resolvemos tus ejercicios!

Scientific Academy offers on-line classes that allow students to attend classes through internet similar to face-to-face classes, with the advantage of not moving.

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